Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Life Long Projects

I have been working on some English Paper Piecing projects (EPP as some people call it).English paper piecing is where you have paper templates you baste the fabric to, then you hand sew the pieces together. So all of it is done by hand. After you surround a piece with other pieces, you can take the paper template out and reuse it for another piece. My favorite site is Paper Pieces. They have everything you would need to do English Paper Piecing. I work on them when I am in the car, waiting for appointments, or on long road trips.

I have two projects going. The first one is a grandmothers flower garden that is made using 3/4" hexagons. Each flower is approximately 4 inches wide. I am using a black dot that is fussy cut in the center, 30's reproductions for the flowers and 2 different greens for the borders. One of the greens is a Jo Morton fabric and the other is a Hoffman Leaf Green Blender Fabric.
The second one is a Pinwheel design using 1" half hexagons (they might be 1-1/2 inch). I am using Japanese Taupes for the colors and a creme dot Japanese Taupe for the "background" or constant in the quilt. Each pinwheel (blocks on the side) are approximately 7" wide.
I am not for sure how big I want these to be or how long I will work on them. I figured I would work on them until I get bored then finish them off. Since I can switch which one I work on, Each time I pick them up it is like a new project.


Karen said...

Beautiful flowers Sarah! I love the green around them. It really makes the flowers pop. I was unable to e-mail you as your e-mail address is missing from your Blogger Profile and you came over as 'no-reply.' Anyway, welcome to One Flower Wednesday. I have added your link to the Garden Party list and I look forward to watching your garden grow! You are off to a great start.

Karen said...

It's me again Sarah! Feel free to use the lovely logo (on my sidebar) designed by Valentina for One Flower Wednesday.

Daniƫlle said...

Hi Sarah! Just visiting becuse I saw your name on the OFW list! Love your EPP projects!!! Just this morning i received an envelope from Paper Pieces with a big bag of 1"hexies hihi! See you next Wednesday! Happy sewing! Daniƫlle


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