Monday, April 5, 2010

Finally Done, Yeah!

Here is the finished Day and Night quilt top. It is a huge quilt. I made a twin, but It is super long. It is at least 96" long. I have no idea what I will do with it. I do have some plans on how to quilt it. I think stitch in the ditch is probably the best way to show off the pattern the stars make.

This is my first log cabin quilt. It is more like a courthouse steps than a log cabin, but I still like it. I planned it around the Floragraphix IV line and I think it turned out breathtaking. I fussy cut the inner border from a stripe and then mitered both borders. I was 1 strip short from my fabric, so I had to do a search online to get the extra yard. I think having the mitered borders really works.

This is what the Mystery quilt pieces look like after 4 months. The blocks are starting to be put together (the bottom larger pieces) , but still no idea what to expect and we still have like 6 yards of fabric left to use.
This is the center for the Jo's Club "Autumn Crossings" which my teacher renamed "Midnight Trails". I have a border picked out and will post pics after it is put on.Hope all is well and I will be checking back in a few days with more Works in Process projects that I am trying to finish. I just pulled out 3 older projects to finish up, plus I start a new log cabin class in a couple of weeks. Here's to cleaning out the closets, Yeah!

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