Finished Quilt Tops

I have a problem deciding how I should quilt my projects and I have a problem with giving them to someone to quilt. What if they quilt it and it turns out horrible? So I keep making tops, but don't have them quilted. Here is a list with pictures of the tops I have finished, but not quilted. ****The links show all the posts on each quilt****.

Log Cabin Quilt - This is a log cabin quilt class using Marti Michell's Log Cabin Rulers. It ended up a courthouse steps layout, but this is my favorite quit I have made so far.

Day and Night quilt from Eleanor Burns - This quilt is big and I ended up using the leftover pieces to make pinwheels and spiderweb blocks to make a different quilt.

Stars on Point - My Quilting 102 project. This was my first on point quilt. I kind of messed it up a little. We used vertical strips to sew this together. I cut some of my setting triangles bigger than others and some of the strips were 2" longer than others. I was able to "ease" the quilt together, but I am hoping the wonkiness will "quilt out". Like that will happen.  Just cross my fingers and hope.

Spinoff of Amy Butlers' Thea's Puzzle - This was a strip club quilt that loosely followed the free pattern from Amy's site. Made entirely of solid colors, this was a very easy quilt. I made it in 6 hours. If you need a quick quilt, try this.

Diamond Weave by Cynthia Schrader - This is a strip club quilt. I bought 2 kits and it is now a queen size. I am hand quilting this with a big stitch and Blendables size 12 thread. It is about half quilted.

Autumn Crossings by Jo Morton Club Class (9 I think?) - My teacher renamed this Midnight trails because of the dark blues. The nine patch blocks are about 3 inches square. I fussy cut the stripe fabric, then mitered the corners. Please ignore my kitty Quattro, she has to help with EVERYTHING!

Reproduction Snowball - This is a quilt that our Jo Morton Club did in-between Club 8 and Club 9 while we were waiting on the new patterns. I had some problems with this. All my fault of course. You can read about my problems in a post if you click on the title link. This is a nine block snowball with 2 borders and cornerstones. The gold girl faces is fussy cut.

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