Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Flower Wednesday x2

We have had a very sick household here. 3 trips to the doctor and 2 emergency room trips has made a dent in my schedule and life in general. If there is an upside to this, I have gotten a lot of hand sewing done waiting for all of these appointments. Here are my 2 flowers (one from last week and one from this week).

I have previously posted the work on the Red Hot Garden Quilt and I am putting on the border now. I have noticed a flaw in my technique that isn't horrible, but I think it is worth keeping an eye on. When I sew my hexagons together, I whip stitch and pick up 2 or 3 threads on each hexagon.When sewing the side that goes with the grain of the fabric, I noticed that I was seeing gaps in my hexagons. I looked at it and when sewing with the grain, I was picking up the same threads and I was making a hole kind of like a snag. I tried to take some pictures, but they wouldn't show up. I learned that when you sew the hexies together, always pick up threads in different rows so you don't snag the fabric. 

I love looking at the One Flower Wednesday pictures. They are very inspirational and lovely to see the progress. A big thank you to Karen for running the program even though her flowers are done. I can't wait to see the flowers for this week.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Flower Wednesday and Red Hot Garden Update

I started going through my sewing room purging more of my old fabric stash. I have some knit fabric that I haven't used in over 5 years and I don't plan on using them in the future, so I am giving it to a few friends that are in the process of learning to use a serger. Goes to good use and I have room to put the treadmill in my big well lit sewing room. 

After I finish my Wednesday flower, I have been working on putting my Red Hot Garden flowers together. I have all the flowers in rows and am putting the rows together. Here is an updated picture of the garden coming together.

 So now to the business of the week, here is my One Flower Wednesday Flower.
At the rate I am going. It is going to be 9 years until I have all my flowers done. That doesn't include sewing the flowers into a top. I am pretty sure this qualifies for the status of life long project.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Flower Wednesday

So a normal busy Wednesday and I finished my flower by today, yeah! I am running out of hexagons to sew (a good thing), so I have been basting at night before bed. I don't have to see well to baste, so I do it at night when I am tired and the lights are lowered. I have been keeping hexagons in the car so I can sew them when I have snippets of time. Time adds up while I wait to pick up my daughter from school, waiting an hour for gymnastics, riding in the car while I go to my family gatherings on the weekend, and waiting for appointments. Almost 3 hours a week! I sure do wait a lot. Anyways, here is my flower for this week.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Flower Wednesday

This weeks Wednesday flower stretched into Saturday. It takes a lot longer to sew a 3/4" flower than a 1/2" flower. It's amazing how that happens, right? So I haven't budgeted enough time to finish my flower in a week. I started babysitting a 17 month old a couple of days a week which eats into my sewing time. I have decided to cut my sewing time to make money to feed my fabric addiction. Hopefully I can budget my time better this week.

Here is my flower for this week. My kitty (Quattro) wouldn't let me take a proper picture, so I took one with her in it. She doesn't normally have creepy yellow eyes, but it is a pretty good picture of her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Flower Wednesday

I have only done one flower this week, but have worked a lot on my Red Hot Garden quilt.
Here is the picture of my flower for this week.
I am working hard to finish my small grandmothers flower garden quilt. It will be about 18" top to bottom. I have 3 rows sewn together and I am working on sewing the rest of the flowers into rows.
 Here is a picture of the quilt so far.

I am working on basting the outer hexagons to fill in the top border. So I am moving right along. I can get a lot done while waiting in line to drop off and pick up my daughter. Every 10 minutes adds up.


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