Unfinished Projects

I have way too many projects going and I am trying to purge my house of 10 years of accumulation. To keep me on track of finishing projects, I am going to list some of the stalled projects that need attention. Thought this might help, guess we will see.

  • Advanced Paper Piecing Class Project (Super Nova pattern by Carl Hentsch) - this takes a lot more time than I thought. I have 8 blocks out of 40 completed and I work about 2 hours a day on this one. Some pieces I cut weren't the correct size on the pattern, so I have to redraft and recut them. I am kind of irritated with this project.
  • I Do by Cherry House Quilts - This is hand piecing and I got discouraged by the 48 hand appliquéd 4 inch circles. I had to make it more difficult by hand appliqué instead of machine. I like the look better, but it is a PAIN.
  • Dresden Plate - to do pile
  • Drunkards Path - to do pile
  • Random Access Workshop by Nancy Swanwick - I HAVE to work on this because all of my sewing pins are in this project. It takes a long time because you have to layout and sew one block at a time, so no strip piecing. But, I need my pins!
  • Mystery Quilt 2010 - to do pile
  • Mod Quads by Blue Underground - I love this quilt and it is very easy. The problem is that I was putting it on the design wall and hit a snag. I only made HALF the blocks! Not going to work. So I bought more fabric and have to do the other half. BOOOOO!
  • Day and Night by Eleanor Burns Quilt II - Spiderweb and Pinwheel Quilt. I had to make this quilt difficult by adding a floating block border. I have the center finished, just need to draft and sew the borders. Easier said than done.
  • Bowtie Quilt by Karen Moore - This was a class I took from her. She worked at my local quilt shop (Harper's Quit Shop) for several years. She passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. I shoved it in the corner so I don't have to look at it. I can't work on it just yet. 

Life Time Project Quilts

I have 2 quilts that are large hand sewn English Paper Piecing projects. 

30's prints Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt in a queen size. Made of 3/4" hexagons and I will need 500 different fabric flowers. I have like 40 flowers sewn together.

English Paper Piecing Pinwheels made from Japanese Taupe fabrics. I have a ton of fabric and the quilt will be whatever size it is when I am done using the fabrics. I know I am very specific in size with this one.

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