Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Flower Wednesday and Red Hot Garden Update

I started going through my sewing room purging more of my old fabric stash. I have some knit fabric that I haven't used in over 5 years and I don't plan on using them in the future, so I am giving it to a few friends that are in the process of learning to use a serger. Goes to good use and I have room to put the treadmill in my big well lit sewing room. 

After I finish my Wednesday flower, I have been working on putting my Red Hot Garden flowers together. I have all the flowers in rows and am putting the rows together. Here is an updated picture of the garden coming together.

 So now to the business of the week, here is my One Flower Wednesday Flower.
At the rate I am going. It is going to be 9 years until I have all my flowers done. That doesn't include sewing the flowers into a top. I am pretty sure this qualifies for the status of life long project.



My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Lovely flowers, the red hot garden!

Quilter Raised in the South said...

Keep going! you will be so glad when you finish, whenever that is! There is joy in the journey.

Hilachas said...

I like your flowers. So pretty. I also am working on a life-long project with my hexie flowers:)

Karen said...

Only 9 years!!! lol.

Helen Marasco said...

Lovely flower garden growing !!!!!!!

hafza said...

I only started my garden a year ago...You have beautiful flowers in your garden! Always love your flowers:)


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