Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Flower Wednesday x2

We have had a very sick household here. 3 trips to the doctor and 2 emergency room trips has made a dent in my schedule and life in general. If there is an upside to this, I have gotten a lot of hand sewing done waiting for all of these appointments. Here are my 2 flowers (one from last week and one from this week).

I have previously posted the work on the Red Hot Garden Quilt and I am putting on the border now. I have noticed a flaw in my technique that isn't horrible, but I think it is worth keeping an eye on. When I sew my hexagons together, I whip stitch and pick up 2 or 3 threads on each hexagon.When sewing the side that goes with the grain of the fabric, I noticed that I was seeing gaps in my hexagons. I looked at it and when sewing with the grain, I was picking up the same threads and I was making a hole kind of like a snag. I tried to take some pictures, but they wouldn't show up. I learned that when you sew the hexies together, always pick up threads in different rows so you don't snag the fabric. 

I love looking at the One Flower Wednesday pictures. They are very inspirational and lovely to see the progress. A big thank you to Karen for running the program even though her flowers are done. I can't wait to see the flowers for this week.



Hilachas said...

Well, your flowers came out beautifully no matter how you sewed them together. Lovely.

Helen Marasco said...

I am amazed that you managed to make any flowers at all with that schedule . Well done they are lovely.

Karen said...

Sick is not fun, but your flowers make the day a whole lot brighter. Great tip for joining flowers together.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Hope you are all getting better. Your flowers are lovely!


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