Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Saga of the Snowball Nine Patch

So if you don't know much about me and my quilting, I have to change something about every quilt to make it mine. I usually make it larger, change the coloring, change the layout, add difficult borders, etc...

To sum up the Snowball Nine Patch quilt photos so far...


On the snowball quilt I decided I would add 2 borders. One small inner and one larger outer border. I found the Jo Morton Ladies Head fabric and had to use it so I decided to fussy cut it to add this super special zing to the quilt. Great plan right? Here is the up close photo of the border corner.

So the fussy cut side border worked great, but I had to fudge the top and bottom because it didn't quite match up, which looks okay to me. My problem is that when I put the smaller red 3/4" border, the girls weren't long enough and I didn't have enough fabric to re-cut them. My quilting teacher came up with the corner stone idea and I think it works pretty good. It is not what I planned, but it turned out okay. I don't think it is the best thing I have made, but it works. 

Here is a picture of the entire top.

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