Monday, December 17, 2012

Super Nova and My New Look

I have been working on my blog the last couple of days to update it. I wanted to put up some information about my projects so I will continue to work on my problem ones instead of shoving them in the corner. Part of my plan to help motivate me.  Seeing the step by step pics of the projects are already giving me the drive to finish them.

The main project I am working on in my sewing room is a large foundation piecing project. I took an advanced foundation paper piecing class from my local quilt store (Harper's Fabrics). Carl Hentsch from 3 Dog Design Co. was teaching his pattern Super Nova. I would like to finish it by the middle of January, but I don't think I am going to make it. It takes a lot longer than I thought it would. I knew it would be time consuming, but geesh. I work on it about 3 hours a day and I am not giving up yet.

I decided to do the coloring a little different on my quilt, so I had to recolor and recalculate the fabric usage and cutting. I ran into a snag because one of the blocks had an error in the piece size on the pattern. I have to resize and recut some of my pieces, so it has stalled me a bit. I skipped over that block and moved on to the next set. 

This is a picture of the block A pieces about ready to put together. The pattern has blocks A-I with a total of 40 blocks.

This is a picture of blocks A and B layout. 8 blocks down.

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3DogDesignCo said...

Lookin good! Can't wait to see the finished product


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