Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patricks Day Outfit for Hannah

This is my daughters St. Patrick's Day outfit. There is a cute story that goes with it. My four year old daughter (Hannah) comes home from my sisters house one day rambling about a green dress. She then tells me the only green outfit is her blue with green writing and she didn't think it had enough green to not get pinched. I just kind of chuckled and told her I would make her a green dress. I opted for an outfit instead. Here it is.
The cat wouldn't get out of the picture. Her name is Quattro. This pattern is a Newlook pattern #6333 and I made a size 4. I learned not to use such a small binding ever again! It is a double fold 1/4 inch finished size. What a Pain! The top is fully lined and the bottoms are just a simple pant.

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