Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quilts in progress

I am working on several projects right now that I switch back and forth on. Here are a few of them:This is "Jo's Little Women" "Autumn Crossing". These pieces become......

These blocks. I love how such a small amount of fabric make some spectacular things.

This is a block from my Dresden Plate I am making. It is from a book called Thoroughly Modern Dresden by Anelie Belden. I also used the Fast 2 Cut dresden blade template ruler. I loved them both. The ruler was well worth the $12. I used Sulky Blendables to machine blanket stitch the fans down, then put on the white ric rac. I will post pics of the blue and red blocks when I get one of each finished.

I am also working on Eleanor Burns Day and Night quilt. The book comes with a special template. The template makes this quilt super easy. Here is the main block (above).

This quilt eats fabric like no tomorrow, but you get these extra blocks that you can make 2 different other projects. I am actually going to combine them and add a couple of fabrics and make another twin sized quilt.

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